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The weather in Kiruna, Sweden is a critical topic... Due to Kiruna's location close to the North Atlantic Ocean but partly under protection of the Scandinavian mountain range it is nearly impossible to give a reliable forecast! Further on Kiruna is the 9th largest municipality (by area) on our globe. The current weather conditions can vary extremely from one end of the Kiruna municipality to the other end. Since we want to avoid our guests to give up hope for good weather conditions during their stay in Kiruna, we decided to provide an overview. Below you find html snippets of different forecast. All of them offical, legal, serious. We want you to see the differences in weather forecasts for Kiruna yourself. After a few visits on this site you might become quite confused of these predictions. That is exactly what we all up here have to live with as well. You will soon understand that there is no reason to trust in ANY forecast. Just enjoy your stay! Scroll down for the forecasts

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